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"I'm thankful for my spoons...." :) Our Thanksgiving Tradition

01 Dec 2009 7:43 AM | Jay (Administrator)

Sharing our Thanksgiving Tradition with Your Family

A few years ago I married into a great family tradition that I'd like to share with you.  Surely some of the best memories of our families are from the traditions that get made up along the way or that have already been in place for generations.  If you don't have a great Thanksgiving family tradition on the table yet for your family here's one I highly recommend.

Passing the Corn
  large families indian corn tradition.jpg  After Thanksgiving dinner the indian corn is handed to somebody at the table to get the ball rolling.  The family member with the corn states what he is thankful for.  It can be brief.  It can be detailed.  It can be heavy.  It can be light and any combination thereof.  And as so many of you know with little ones it often gets beyond entertaining and heartwarming.  When complete the family member passes the corn to the next person until everybody has had a turn.

"I'm thankful for my spoons."
Here's a clip of the last few family members passing the corn--in particular focused on Michael Ross--our hilarious never ending source for family entertainment.  A few things to keep on eye one throughout the sample video of passing the corn:
  1. Liberty Cosette at top left playing and providing commentary on a baby doll
  2. Gabriel David to my right who has the giggles.  Each time his brother says what he is thankful for it's all Gabriel can do to contain himself
  3. turn up the volume all the way as some of Michael's remarks are subdued....

So this tradition is an easy one to start and can well with either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Feel free to run with it!

What are your family traditions?

If you have a great idea for a family tradition share it here so some of the newer families can latch one to one or two of them and be blessed by the memories thereby created....


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