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Quiverfull Family Directory for Large and Growing Families

This is just a quick introduction on this new website covering quickly the why, what, and where. This website is simply meant to be a resource for quiverfull families and individuals to find each other across America. Not that long ago my wife and I who live in Northern Virginia purchased 2 pieces of land in the Wilmington, NC area and were planning on moving there. We were dreading the process of trying to find families and persons to whom we could relate to that shared our convictions on family, God's sovereignty, and the blessings of children and even large families.

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Quiverfull Families and Friends

It was then I realized what we need is a national directory so we can find other like-minded families more readily. Even in our own cities we don't know where our likely best friends are or who they are! Let's solve that problem and enrich each others' lives, use each others' businesses, etc.

If you want a LOT more info on quiverfull and resources go to QuiverFull.com for comprehensive resources, articles, products and links.

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